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Welcome to the Office of Dr. Tim Conlan

Canton’s Hip and Knee Doctor – Tim Conlan, MD

Dr. Tim Conlan has been performing hip and knee replacements in Canton, Ohio since 1996. He’s been a leader in embracing new innovations in total hip and knee replacement surgery to benefit his patients, and his skills as a fellowship-trained joint specialist surpass that of most orthopedic surgeons in the area.

If you have been told that you need a hip or knee replacement, you may be a candidate for an outpatient procedure at our ambulatory surgery center. To be evaluated for hip and knee replacement, please contact Dr. Tim Conlan. Request an appointment online or call (330) 305-0838 today.

Same Day Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

The outpatient same-day surgery method allows for a personalized patient-driven experience with many advantages, eliminating the need for hospitalization for healthy, active patients and improving your recovery from hip or knee replacement.

Dr. Conlan specializes in outpatient total hip and knee replacement and performs these procedures at the Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites, an outpatient surgical center conveniently located off I-77 in North Canton, Ohio.

Dr. Conlan also performs hip and knee replacements at Mercy Medical Center and Aultman Hospital. He accepts the majority of insurances.

Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Robotics-assisted tools and innovation to deliver the best outcomes.
  • Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery using ligament-sparing approaches.
  • Customized surgery that addresses patient’s anatomy.
  • Partial knee replacement options with less pain and quicker recovery.

Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Muscle-sparing Direct Anterior surgical approaches to minimize recovery.
  • Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery improves post-op pain level.
  • New technology to deliver a longer-lasting hip replacement.

Advanced Hip and Knee Surgical Techniques and a Focus on You

Dr. Conlan has always embraced minimally invasive surgical techniques for hip and knee joint replacement and has adopted techniques and regimens to minimize patients’ post-operative pain. These approaches, along with new and improved anesthetic techniques, and same-day surgery, have greatly improved patients’ initial post-operative pain level and minimized immediate post-operative side effects of medications, thus allowing for a rapid recovery at home.

“As a patient of mine, you will get high-quality personalized attention and guidance throughout your total joint replacement experience. We no longer treat patients having these procedures as if they are sick – you can recover safely in your own home – and many now are.”

Dr. Conlan has given many talks to community groups and will continue to educate the community and his patients on these new and innovative procedures. He always accepts new patients with hip and knee arthritis and will personally meet with you and discuss your treatment options.